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DSC02778Here is the Tiny Pink Bow Charmed Bracelet that Katrina Vitor of sent me a few weeks ago! I just thought of sharing a close-up photo for you guys since I haven’t blogged about it since the review that I made in my channel in YouTube
(see embedded video at the end of this post) I guess you can say that I love this bracelet—why? I never really wear anything on my wrists! But when I got this bracelet, I’ve been wearing it everywhere! I just love how cute it looks like. I doesn’t even look cheap! And mind you, I received a handful of comments from international viewers who were really interested in buying (upon seeing the video review).
Katrina gave me the liberty to pick my own charms and chains. Of course I picked red pearls, and charms which somehow has significant meanings in my life! Let me share them to you.
  • Lock and Key—because…I don’t know. I just thought they mesh well together!
  • Cross—symbolizes my faith and Christianity
  • Dog—because I LOVE DOGS!
  • Shoe—because I LOVE SHOES!
  • Heart—because I love anything that symbolizes love.
Katrina was sweet enough to include a black string of pearls para daw if I get bored, I can switch it up! How sweet can Katrina get, right?DSC02780
Are you wanting a charmed bracelet yourself?
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